Nef – The Awakening

Are you ready for a story driven science fiction FPS?


What happened?

After World War III, the world was divided into five geopolitical entities. North and South America became;
"Continental States of Americas", Europe became "European Federation of Allies", The Asian countries themselves took the name "Asian Syndicate", Mother Russia and the surrounding countries formed "People's Cabinet of Russia" in the deserts of Arabian Peninsula "The Arabian Emirates" was formed. The rest of the world called themselves the "Insurgent Africa"


Ultimate Enemy

As the geopolitical entities evolved, a deceisive enemy emerged! Forces of Nevra began to create chaos throughout the world, making the life of the people harder. Especially in the Middle and South of the European Federation of Allies, South of the People's Cabinet of Russia, North of the Arab Emirates and active in North Africa, Forces of Nevra started to disturb the peace of the world as a newborn enemy.



You can see videos on Nef - The Awakening development phase from here.

Rocwise ekip
Rocwise ekip